Personal Respnsibilty vs of ‘Sin’/Accountability. No all good or bad. The ultimatums have always been there but don’t matter anymore when it comes to fitting and matching our true reality. Staying alive vs survival. We go into the mode that me trasnceding or great need to preserve self and perserve through the hardship, simply.. To advocate and self empower at times that can even be to our detriment or worse–at the expense of others.

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My Divine pageant

Havoc and Consequence

With all this sin that stains my bones.
And a history I cannot hide.
Beholds a life I’ve always known.
Asking to look inside.
For deep within this heart that beats.
Full of oil and the light divine.
Speaks a connection that’s bittersweet.
Of God and I, intertwined.
For though I do deeds that make him weep.
Sometimes those tears are joy.
And though I practise not what he may preach.
His forgiveness I doth employ.
For I’m everything, the good and typical.
Holy particles and hurt maligned.
And I offer, and ask a love unconditional.
All parts, and all the time.

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“I’m just trying to bring you back down.” Nick (that’s not his name) and I were grabbing a beer in Salt Lake City somewhere in the fall of 2014. I had just posted a picture of my 95% naked body on Instagram as part of the inspiration for a video titled “Awkward Modeling” which we […] via Negative Nick — Losing All Hope Was Freedom

There is definitely an interesting topic to be explored, and debate to be found here: How much ego is acceptable? + *Is it more important for a friend to regard us optimistically and with understanding?* V.S. “Or rather as a reflection for self awareness, and work to provide us a counter focus via humbling and toughening us?*

I follow the first option. That’s the real point of friendship, imo. The existence of failure is enough to personally handle the ego busting of individuals. No human needs to get involved there. That’s dickish. And unneccessary pain and friendship, just don’t go together, in my findings.

I freaking love these LAHWF posts… So much to consider. Drew’s a gem. I really, really, connect with his thoughts and heartful intentions in the way he expresses himself. That’s why his fanbase is so familal. He’s someone you can’t get enough of. Something beyond charisma and definitely nothing like charm. He’s raw in many ways and just as creative. And that’s the greastest combination there is. Same applies to the people he hangs around, non shockingly. Danny Duncan and Juan/ThatWasEpic have a similiar style. They’d just never go the same length of soul baring and authencity as Drew, which is no problem at all–but it’s the reason for LAHWF’s very genuinely, passionate and OBSESSIVE supporters, lol.

If and once you like Andrew Hales, it’s very hard to stop thinking about him. Ik that sounds ridiculous and sad, but it’s the truth.

via Negative Nick — Losing All Hope Was Freedom